Kookaburras turn around to stop India in its tracks with the win via penalties with one more game left tonight v Netherlands again

by Sports Benches

The Kookaburras men’s team are now just one win away from rounding off their perfect Indian tour in the 2023-24 FIH Pro League season thanks to another win v the hosts this time via penalties 3-0 after a 2-2 draw in normal time. It was a close one with plenty of eyes surrounding controversy amongst the officials refereeing this game. India controlled the first-half well with back-to-back penalty corner strikes while the Kookaburras also got the penalty strike too but that was only through 1 v 1 inside the circle where Blake Govers struck successfully past the keeper. Fortunately, the Kookaburras stopped India from walking away with the win with only seven minutes to go in the fourth quarter at 2-2 when Ogilvie Flynn intercepted the free hit before he found his own man Tim Brand to finish it off through the net and that was fair too since 1-2 Indian players made an obstruction along the way. So it all comes down to the penalty shootouts to decide the game as always & the Kookaburras has escaped India unscathed once again thanks to three brilliant strikes including Johan Durst’s brilliant saves and tricks as the goalkeeper. And on India, commiserations to them as said with the early start being orchestrated by Manpreet Singh but then their defensive mode later on unfortunately didn’t pay off before they were consigned to defeated in the end there.

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