Free Range Pancetta Pork slices from Barossa Fine Foods review

by Sports Benches

If Ham and even bacon isn’t enough for you, why not try the free range pancetta sliced pork? The good news is liked the sliced ham, turkey and chicken as you see in the supermarket shelves that this can be a ready to eat product unlike prosciutto where you would have to cook them alongside bacon before you eat it. All in all it’s really perfect for almost anything you like to top up including sandwiches, pastas, risotto (will try to find one not that’s dairy free next time) & pizzas, etc. 

Interestingly enough, I’d like to buy them again next time and use some of the pancetta to make some pizza alongside some good veggies and pizza sauce on top of my own pizza base instead of shredded ham. Sure it will work well like the ready made chicken pizzas I’ve done in the past alongside some chopped tomatoes & avocados. I can also see a great recipe Barossa Fine Foods they’ve got on their website of crispy pancetta with sage scrambled eggs and fried sage. For this one if you’re allergic to eggs and even sage, just swap one with vegan scrambled eggs & rosemary/oregano and you’re good to go on top of fried pancetta!! For now, where you can buy them? It’s $8 at Woolworths with a pack of 10 pieces. 

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