How to get the best out of your waffles when making one at home with a mini waffle maker

by Sports Benches

I had the chance to make a couple of waffles this week that is straight out of the pancake mix alongside some maple syrup or dairy-free whipping cream if you like. I had a couple different type of waffles off the mini iron waffle maker and although some aren’t perfect but you would need to add up to one cup of pancake mix flour as well as one up of water or rice milk or a mix of both alongside some sugar/monk fruit sugar, a bit of salt, a bit of baking powder and one egg replacer from Orgran.

That way, you will have an even batter on both the dry and wet ingredient sides that is going to turn out well once it’s good to go throughout the cooking process. Again, it’s best to say that less is more including when you pour it onto the iron press with a bit of cooking oil spray beforehand (or will turn out sticky) and your waffles can turn out great with a bit of crisp on the oustide. Also, don’t overload it like putting too much wet ingredients over the dry ones that would look runny at worst unless you add some more pancake mix/flour as if a disaster is waiting to happen & your waffles will 100% collapse at cooking time.

Yes, I haven’t tried the waffles with the waffle mix in it that might be a bit more crispy as it will take a while to find the right product that is both egg and dairy free. Although the ones I tried with the pancake mix isn’t bad as just add some sugar/monkfruit sugar alongside some baking powder and it will be fine. There is still a long way to go for me to perfect these waffles that will hopefully emulate like the restaurant-quality version (we don’t have a lot of Waffle Houses in Australia unlike the USA) but still, gotta say less is more when you make these waffles when you really need them & sure you’ll love it on top of these maple syrup, fruit and dairy-free whipping cream toppings for your perfect breakfast meal to kickstart the day.

And the Prenetti’s Mini Waffle maker product I brought off is a local Harris Scarfe store at around $15-20 dollars at the time as not sure if they still sell these but you should be able to buy one where they got most of the stock online.

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