Tennis Australia News, 2021 Australian Open Section 3 of R2 Game: Nick Kyrgios v Ugo Humbert

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It has been a close start by the two players in the middle from Nick Kygrios & Ugo Humbert. Where the Aussie & Frenchman went side by side with a point win each as the game goes. So nothing much changed in the first part of stage 1. Even a little longer past halfway.

But Kyrgios just unable to find the finishing tools to get past Humbert for the stage 1 victory 5-7. Having lost a deuce during the 5th point battle. Before a sub-par run in the 6th score saw Kyrgios forced to wait a bit longer. And find a different strategy to make up lost time in order to advance in Round 3 after the first set loss.

The second stage though remains the same momentum as it was from Stage 1. With Kyrgrios made some progress this time with the early lead going at halfway 3-1. As he still needed to stay in the race by holding off Humbert. When the Frenchman began to catch up to Kyrgios point by point. Before Kyrgios bounced back in Stage 2 6-4.

As always so far in this game tonight Kyrgios & Humbert fired off side by side. Both players trying hard to find their middle ground that would eventually end this game first. They are tied 3-3 by the halfway mark in the 3rd set. But Kyrgios unable to bridge that consistency in the 2nd half of this stanza. Whereas Humbert did when he found it not hard to win Stage 3 with two mini wins 6-3.

Humbert finally got the feel needed to fire off with an easy headstart v Kyrgios. The halfway point was there when Humbert checked in first 3-1. Kyrgios may have held the Frenchman back on occasions. Where the Australian desperately scrambled to fight back for the stage 4 win. And still in the running to meet Dominic Thiem in Round 3. Having only registered one set win during Stage 2. With not much progress heard since then. Even though he has raised a few complaints to the umpire. As well as whacking a tennis racket one time after Kyrgios narrowly fell short in the 1st stage.

Kyrgios was almost of the cusp of being flushed away against Humbert in the 1st match point 3-5. With Humbert have two set wins in Stages 1 & 3. But Kyrgios denied not one but both attempts to still be in the game. So he can take it towards a decider in the 5th & final stage. Having taken the late Stage 4 lead off Humbert 6-5. Before the Frenchman bounced back a point 6-6 that leads to a tiebreaker.

Both men shared the lead 1-1 apiece in a race that will go on towards Stage 5 for Kyrgios. Or else have it wrapped up early with Humbert in the box seat. Kyrgios have the upper hand 5-1. Where Humbert needed to find new ideas now to get himself back in the mix. And reach the home stretch by the easiest of margins. But Kyrgios just edged Humbert for the fourth stage win 7-6. As this game is not over yet going into the fifth and final stage.

Kyrgios and Humbert dueled each other out side by side in a race towards the final stage win. Kyrgios have a much better conversion tools to move around this time 3-1. Where Humbert did not give up a fight by beginning to bounce back. While Kyrgios reached the 5th point that is just one away from winning the 5th stage & overall win.

Humbert may have denied Kyrgios his first match point attempt at 3-5. But Kyrgios ended up unscathed in the end. After a first set loss & whacked the racket. As well as a few verbal fights with the chair umpire. Almost got sinked by Humbert out of the Australian Open Tournament during Stage 1. And within one hour Kyrgios came back out of nowhere. Before Kyrgios came home first as the winner.

The final score at John Cain Arena is 5-7, 6-4, 3-6, 7-6 with the 7-6 tiebreaker & 6-4. Where this game was completed just over the three hour mark. Nick will meet Dominic Thiem from Austria in the third round on Friday. While praises to Ugo Humbert with the foundations built. Having held and tracked down Kyrgios on most occasions. But he just unable to hold on until the end. Even when the Frenchman missed his match point chance in the first place.

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