Stiff neck? Here’s how the Posture Pump can help 5 reasons why a Posture Pump is perfect for you

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Humans aren’t meant to look down at a phone all day or slouch at a desk, but many of us still do it. These everyday activities can lead to painful neck cramps that can lead to headaches and fatigue. 

There are many products on the market that claim to help prevent or relieve this type of neck strain. One of them is the Posture Pump, a small and portable device that helps shape and restore the healthy, natural curvature in your neck. 

Don’t let chronic stiff neck pain sideline you from doing what you love. Here are five ways the Posture Pump helps you get back in the game: 

1. Gradually decompresses painful neck and upper back pressure

The Posture Pump holds your head and neck in an optimal position to relieve pent-up pressure in your by supporting the back of your neck as your head rests on a level surface. You control the exact position using an inflatable pillow connected to a small hand pump. 

2. The Posture Pump gently restores your healthy neck shape

With daily use, the Posture Pump is designed to encourage your neck to slowly move back into a healthy position and restore its essential cervical curve. According to an article published in Bustle, doctors recommend the Posture Pump to people who have a slipped disc or pinched nerve because it can gently alleviate pressure while correcting your neck and upper back posture. 

3. Restore lubricating fluid to soft discs in your neck

The reason why we experience neck pain from poor posture is usually because natural lubricating fluids can no longer penetrate and hydrate the soft discs in our necks. The Posture Pump relieves neck pressure, encouraging the lubricating fluids to flow back around the neck vertebrae, thus relieving pain caused by dry joints. 

4. Prevent premature aging

Many people develop rounded shoulders and a bit of a hunch in their back as they age. However, this is happening sooner for people who suffer from poor posture brought on by smartphone use and sitting at a desk, according to a 2019 article by Harvard Medical School. Poor posture can lead to decreased mobility and a host of other problems like fatigue and headaches. 

5. Using the Posture Pump is deeply relaxing 

Aside from helping your neck, the Posture Pump gives you a chance to heal and relax for a few minutes every day. You can take 15 to 20 minutes to lay pack and allow the Posture Pump to help correct your posture and neck stiffness. 

As with any medical device, you should talk to your doctor before trying it. Anyone who has a severe neck or back injury should not use the Posture Pump. 

The Posture Pump is available to purchase on Amazon for $169. There you can also read hundreds of reviews and view user ratings. Out of 726 ratings, the Posture Pump has 4.3 out of 5 stars. 


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