Nevana Pre-Baked Cholesterol Free Pizza Base Review

by Sports Benches

I had a chance to taste these small pizza bases the other day thanks to Nevana and they taste really good once it’s out of the oven/air fryer.

To get the best out of these pizza breads (as long as you got your pizza sauce & toppings on beforehand), make sure you pre-heat your oven or air fryer first at 180-185 degrees Celsius for 5-6 minutes before you place your pizza base for 8-10 minutes. Then cool your pizza down for another few minutes before it’s ready to eat which is going to taste amazing. Here’s a Hawaiian pizza I made earlier today ahead of lunch with some shredded ham, some pineapple and tomato pizza sauce.

Although they do have a best before date on the price tag clip, but according to the packaging, they will last for one year as long as you keep them frozen in the refrigerator. Plus, they’re locally made from South Australia since 1982.

You can go & buy these small Nevana pizza bases which comes in 12 pack at a supermarket near you for $4.80 at Coles & Woolworths.

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