Bird’s Eye Corn Fritters & Potato Puffs Review

by Sports Benches

Here’s some awesome meat-free corn fritters that I brought off an independent supermarket the other day at IGA thanks to Bird’s Eye.

These corn fritters are nice & crispy on the outside, while they’re filled up with creamy corn kernels on the inside which gives a health star rating of 4. Although I find it really yummy and healthy, but it’s just a shame that they don’t sell these at major supermarkets like Coles & Woolworths since they’re not popular unlike the usual corn fritters that we see everywhere.

They match really well with these burgers/wraps alongside some potato puffs that I also brought the other day at IGA & they’re also healthy too with a similar star rating of 4 – how good is that for your next perfect lunch meal! It’s also perfect to see these potato puffs being dipped alongside some of your favourite sauce topping for parties & lunch or afternoon snacks.

I wish there is a recipe for this particular corn fritters where you can make them at home, especially for those who is allergic to dairy and eggs. However, if you can stop by a IGA or other independent supermarkets like Foodworks then see it for yourself as I hope you love it alongside these potato puffs as a side that you can cook at home.

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