Piranha Sea Salt Potato Grills 75g Review

by Sports Benches

I had the chance to taste a different style of chips off when they arrived straight to my door from Amazon yesterday afternoon. Not only they’re healthy considering the natural flavour & layout on the outside, but these chips also taste better with some pinches of sea salt on the inside which is a really cool snack to crave sometime during the day. 

The best part about it that they’re vegan, naturally cooked in sunflower oil, gluten-free, kosher & also locally owned here in New South Wales. And you can even try it with free delivery included on your first Amazon order here, as they may not be available on the major supermarket shelves but perfect to add for your next recurring or regular order with them online. Although, you can continue enjoying the free delivery benefits there as long as you buy a couple of items including this healthy snack if you can over the $39 threshold.

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