Blog Update: Friday 15th September 2023

by Sports Benches

Hello there,

Yes, things may have been unexpected over the last 24 hours as I do apologise for that but here to promise and look to experiment a bit that is more than just sports content going forward. Rugby gets to stay as always where we got the World Cup happening right now before we return for another year next year with Super Rugby followed by a mix of Wallabies and maybe Shute Shield games. Plus, I’m getting back into NASCAR posts whenever I can for the most part even though some of the recent posts may be wiped away by accident but it’s something I know this sport well for a long time when it comes to auto wheel racing/motorsport. Also, I will look forward to update a bunch of other sports at the same time as you never know in the weeks & months to come. And I’ll also throw in food, lifestyle, fitness as well as a mix of entertainment including game shows and if the strike can be done when the time comes – it’s prime time shows and yearly pilots as well. With that being said, hope things will start fresh from here.

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