Wheel of Fortune Week 1 of the brand new Season 41 for Pat Sajak’s final season as the host of this show

by Sports Benches

It’s great to see the new season of Wheel of Fortune kicking off at the start of the week upon Pat Sajak’s final year before he will hand over the keys to Ryan Seacrest from Season 42 in 12 months time while Vanna White stays on as the hostess who turns these letters on the big screen.

Yes, for some areas across the US, it’s not been the best start due to scheduling clashes with NFL on a Monday in particular that will go on until the end of this year. But can’t wait to see the best of contestants solving puzzles, as well as seeing the winner having an extended crack when it comes to the bonus round with prizes and/or extra money to be won towards the end. More to come next week + the weeks & months ahead after a summer of repeats including a brand new season on the Celebrity version of this show.

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