Homemade tater tots/potato gems that you can make on the air fryer at home

by Sports Benches

Here’s some homemade tater tots/potato gems that you can make & enjoy to eat at home! First of all, grab 1-2 potatoes or one large size potato by peeling the skin off before you grate them until it’s all been shredded.

Then squeeze the excess water and starch out with a cloth/paper towel onto the sink and transfer these shredded potatoes into a bowl along with some flour & a few sprinkles of salt. Mix them up as you can your hands to split and shape these into a bunch of tiny potato balls before you rest these tater tots in the fridge or freezer for about an hour. Now it’s time to throw a bunch of tater tots that you’ve made from scratch onto the air fryer & make sure you cook them first at 190 degrees for 10 mins before you toss them to the other side & have it cooked again for another 5-6 mins. And once these tater tots have been cooled down for a while (like after 5-10 mins), these excellent tiny potato balls are ready to eat! Yum!!

They’re even a fantastic match as a side dish with the homemade pizza I’ve made for lunch yesterday alongside the tomato and avocado topping & also the homemade pizza sauce inside it with a mix of both tomato paste & tomato sauce!

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