Sunity Herbal Jelly Red Bean and Coconut Milk Review

by Sports Benches

Here’s a sweet dessert you can have on the go or at home in none other than having red beans on it with Herbal Jelly from Sunity. Now it doesn’t have the liquid on the cup unlike most other herbal jelly products that you find at an Asian convenience store but what it comes up in order to have a brilliant taste is that you got a packet of coconut cream and honey as well as a mini plastic spoon When I tasted it, it wasn’t bad at 7 out of 10. Although I substituted honey with maple syrup which is my preferred way of tasting, but I do prefer eating the normal herbal jelly with the liquid on it – nothing else. As said, you can see it for yourself at an Asian supermarket near you which would be perfect for a morning or afternoon treat.

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