2023-24 FIH Pro Hockey League, Hockeyroos strike 3-0 this time v India from Wednesday thanks to a Kaitlin Nobbs masterclass ahead of their next match v the Netherlands tonight

by Sports Benches

From a 3-0 loss at a start to now back-to-back 3-0 wins, the Hockeyroos were on fire two days ago v India ahead of a huge showdown later tonight v the No.1 ranked Netherlands side. It might have been a quiet first quarter but they too have opened the scoring account with two goals ahead of half-time thanks to Grace Stewart & Tatum Stewart. Although things were quiet again in the 3rd quarter while they hold a 2-0 advantage before Kaitlin Nobbs completed her attacking masterclass that sealed the Hockeyroos’ 2nd win this week towards the end 3-0.

As said, hats off to Kaitlin Nobbs who has been a huge menace for the Indian defenders with her excellent attacking performance of two assists to the Stewart’s followed by that 1 v 1 counter-attacking finish herself off the left side pitch. She always made sure that the communication is there with her numbers before all systems can go to finish it off the work for her either way. Meanwhile, Grace Stewart has scored once again where she’s been an excellent threat upfront with credit from the service being given in the final third. So much pace and physicality alongside a great height on offer every time she appears up close off the net as she can do anything & everything that is right in front of her.

And considerations to India there with the loss at home, having won possession earlier on with some opportunities here & there. But unfortunately, the executions was vague while the defense was wide open & vulnerable that made it so easy for the Hockeyroos to get the job done at their own territory. They lost two goals in the lead up towards half time before it was too late after India struggled to find the net all along with the loss 3-0.

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