The Stewart’s continued to shine for the Hockeyroos but the whole pitch still has the No.1 Netherlands side written all over it

by Sports Benches

It was a very tough day in the office last night after the Hockeyroos were beaten so bad by the top-ranked & free scoring Netherlands team. The Netherlands have started off well who scored three goals in the first two quarters before Tatum Stewart snatched one back for the Hockeyroos ahead of half-time at 3-1. Unfortunately, the Hockeyroos fell way behind later on where the Dutch kept on scoring with their extended lead during the 2nd half. Marjin Veen got away with a hat-trick while midfielder Yibbi Jansen continued to score as always with two off the penalty corner. Yes, another Stewart in Grace have added the 2nd consolation goal for the Hockeyroos herself in the 4th & final Quarter on what has been her third goal this week like the other Stewart in Tatum. But again, a tough pill swallow against a very strong & powerful Dutch side with the loss by 6-2. 

Marjin Veen is such a goal scoring machine where a mistake of two or a missed scoring opportunity from the opposition would give her the benefit to ruin them in return following her first International career hat-trick. She’s got a great eye right in front of goal every time the ball was given to her where Veen wanted it so badly from her own numbers in the final third attack before she has the licence to thrill to finish it off past the keeper with credit to their possession. There’s another goal Dutch scoring machine in the middle of the park of Yibbi Jansen, especially when it comes to penalty corners off the back from Hockeyroos’ ill-discipline with two goals to her name where she struck really well like a rocket. She too would’ve liked to get a hat-trick herself but Jansen will ensure that the Dutch will keep on firing with lots of goal scoring chances for the team including some for herself on top of the benchmark with 11 goals this season. And finally, so sorry to the Hockeyroos where they defended hard against the No.1 team but some missed finishing chances also turned the favour to the Dutch after the huge loss. Hats off to Steph Kershaw up front having gave two goals to the Stewart’s – one for Tatum via the penalty corner & another for Grace later on when she found some space through the channels. It’s just not her day where things could’ve been better if her team successfully converted all chances into goals that would the Hockeyroos a fighting chance v the Dutch, but again they are a team that is unstoppable & it’s up to them to respond before coming back with confidence next time around.

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