2023-24 FIH Pro League, Kookaburras continue their unbeaten winning run thanks to a comfortable 4-1 victory v Spain

by Sports Benches

Another day, another win for the Kookaburras as they continue their unbeaten run against Spain again 4-1 to start their 2nd week Indian tour in the 2023-24 FIH Pro League Season. Spain actually fired off with the quick goal just a few minutes after the game was underway but the Kookaburras dominated the 1st half with three goals on hand (back-to-back from open play in the 1st quarter not long after Spain’s one and only goal followed by a successful penalty corner in the 2nd quarter). Now things may have slowed down later on but still it’s the Kookaburras day on the pitch thanks to an extra goal in the third quarter before they tighten things up at the back to make Spain harder to beat past the net while dominating the ball along the way on what has been a excellent win. Their next game will be against Ireland tonight followed by back-to-back games this weekend to round off their Indian trip against the host team India and the high-flying Netherlands again respectively.

A mighty team effort all around for the sake of the Kookaburras with the dominant possession of the ball as well as being able to interrupt the Spanish since their defense and attacking play was so vulnerable, which gave them a great chance to put one down through the net and they did so very well a few times. Gotta credit the brilliant passage of play while making the good use of the counter-attack so it can flow well through the channels. Plus, don’t forget they defended tight for the majority with credit from the keeper as well to deny Spain the confidence they really need against their own corner. Speaking of the Spanish, they almost got it against India when they were equalised in the 3rd quarter before they losing out via penalty shooutouts as well as the quick opening lead yesterday here. But unfortunately, they still struggled to kick on where attacking chances were flying everywhere as well as some defensive and disciplinary mistakes and also mis-timed passes when trying to go towards the attacking end that saw them languishing so far behind the Kookaburras on the scoreboard. Spain has a tough next game ahead v Netherlands tomorrow when they currently sit 7th on the ladder & have only won once last week v Ireland.

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