Sun Rice Wholegrain Brown Rice Sea Salt Chips Review

by Sports Benches

Here’s a healthy snack that I tasted some weeks ago with the Sun Rice corn-like chips from Woolworths. Yes, it’s a bit like Doritos and CCs as not only it’s great but comes out so healthier than these two combined. Yes, the packaging size of this chips is a bit closer to the two other corn chips but a bit surprised the amount of corn chips Sun Rice has put in was a bit smaller of what Doritos and CC has to offer at the same price of around $5. So that is something Sun Rice might consider when producing the next batch of corn chips, but overall it’s not bad when they added the healthy element well alongside a good taste of making their own corn chips. If Sea Salt (my favourite one) wasn’t enough to satisfy your snack cravings, you can also get one something cheesy in Farmhouse Cheddar as well as another that is so spicy (Smokehouse BBQ and Paprika).

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