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Can’t believe this when Stan Sport is going way faster next year that goes from athletic sports such as Rugby Union, Tennis & Soccer to motor sports like IndyCar, World Rallying & World Endurance Championship.

This is going to be intense competition up against the likes of Foxtel, who currently covers Formula 1, Supercars, MotoGP & Superbikes, which does tell why race fans would have to fork out a few different subscription services if they wish to watch every premium racing competition just like the soccer.

While Stan will offer the whole lot of IndyCar, World Rallying and Endurance sportscars through every session live without ads, there are several reports about Foxtel’s successful renewal of Formula 1 from 2023 but nothing official came out at this stage.

There significant changes to the new MotoGP contract from next year, however, with Foxtel & Kayo acquiring the exclusive content to every race that includes the possibility of Seven or SBS airing the Australian Round live as Network 10 will no longer air motorcycle racing after covering them for 25 years.

Ten still has a season left in their current Formula 1 contact with Foxtel where they’ll get to air a live race at home for the first time in two years due to COVID, but if Foxtel officially renews Formula 1 for another five years then don’t expect Ten to stay on as it’s best if they get the whole lot like they did with the A-League, Socceroos & Matildas rather than having to keep sharing with Foxtel.

For now, it’s great to see Nine as a whole media organisation return into Motorsports & show it only on Stan but hopefully they can get them back on their free to air channel at least for the Australian GP & a couple of selected races if they can steal the Formula 1 content away from Foxtel which is unlikely at this stage but we’ll wait and see in the next few months.

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There is a bit more news lately from Network 10. It is in regards of their Motorsports coverage for this season.

The good news is that they are still showing Formula 1 & Moto GP. With every premier class round live on 10 Bold. Plus Moto 2 & 3 for the Australian round only.

As well as every highlights round of the Formula 1 here on Monday night. Except the Australian Grand Prix. Where this big event will be live on November 21 via 10.

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When the Supercars rights were not renewed after last year. Although 10 will air the Albert Park race only as part of the Australian GP. With this one-off occasion is covered by F1. And not via Supercars. People were wondering about the future status of flagship show RPM. I rang 10 up a while ago. Unfortunately they will not be in production to shoot & make episodes this year. That is according to the 10 spokesperson/receptionist via phone.

This is the 3rd time that RPM had to be put off by Network 10. This show was born in 1997 when they first snatched the Supercars rights. As an exclusive deal off Channel 7. Plus MotoGP, World Rally Championship & Champ Car. With Formula One added in their list in 2003.

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Despite the exit of Supercars the first time after 2006 RPM stayed on for another two years. Back then they had full race content of every race. Then the launch of One HD in 2009 taken RPM off the air.

In 2011 RPM was back on One HD for a second time. This time as a Live Motorsports magazine show on Tuesday nights. But One HD unfortunately shied away as a Sports only channel not long later. And it was not hard from Network 10 to put RPM away for the 2nd time in 2012.

Three years later RPM came back once more. After 10 snatched the Supercars away from Seven for the 2nd time. But this time in a scaled down deal with Fox Sports until last year. When not only the Supercars contract returned to Seven in a similar deal. This show had to go as well.

She was unable to point out Supercars as the reason for this decision. But when 10 Sport does not have much sports on the menu. It is right to pull their RPM show away. And focus on what they got left with the F1, MotoGP & Melbourne Cup. While focusing more on news/entertainment.

We will have to wait and see what 10 says about MotoGP after 2021. And see if they would like to stay onboard. Having enjoyed a great relationship with them since 1997. The same goes with Formula One in 2022. Plus the Melbourne Cup when they expire by the end of 2023.

If all of the three products go to let’s say Kayo freebies. This could mean the end of 10 sport. There is no comment about them wanting to leave this arena. As long as it makes commercial sense. The only way this can continue if 10 can win the NRL Free TV rights off Nine. It is a very popular sport. And there is no doubt they will need this to reflect their brand/profitability.

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For now it remains to be seen who will still be at Network 10. We already know Matthew Burke will continue to read the sports news. As he will not jump ship to Nine/Stan for the rugby. But Morgan Turinui & Roz Kelly did move there.

Scott Mackinnon has always been on 10 for a long time. We do not know where his weekly role stands right now. But he would definitely be at the Australian Grand Prix.

So does the 1980 Formula 1 champion Alan Jones. Plus Mark Webber & Tom Clarkson. 10 is unsure if they will stick with their own commentary. Since Matthew White was made redundant during May last year. Plus we do not know if Kate Peck will move on after the 3rd axing of RPM.

And the MotoGP team should remain unchanged. With Host Sam Charlwood at the helm. As well as former racers Daryl Beattie and Cameron Donald. Before they cross over to the World Feed commentary.

That is the 10 Sport fixtures in a nutshell here. Most of the weekends/Monday morning belong to Motorsport. While the horses take their turn in early November.

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I may not be a regular Supercars follower these days, but tomorrow’s possible announcement from their end will be interesting.

That would be a new TV rights deal that will begin over the next five years starting from 2021.

As we know, Network 10 chose not to renew the TV contract due to loss-making revenue in this free to air product that only aired just six to seven live races a year plus the rest belonged to highlights.

It’s fair to say that Network 10 made the right move because this strategy didn’t provide maximum value compared to the last time they held the Supercars rights exclusively from 1997-2006.

The latter proved to be the golden years that got the best out of Leigh Diffey, Greg Rust, Neil Crompton, Mark Howard & Bill Woods rather than taking off a straight Supercars Media commentary feed.

Now Channel 7 will most likely re-take the free to air package for the first time since 2014.

Since Seven is the No.2 free to air TV network in Australia, the ratings in this series should improve this time around or at an equal standard where they aired every race live from 2007-2014.

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, Seven will pay at a bit cheaper rate at $4 million per year compared to Network 10’s $8 million an annum to use Supercars’ limited-access free to air content.

The question is how Seven will air these races?

As usual, the six big-event races will remain a primary network on Channel 7. So no change there.

But I think Seven should get some upgrade regarding airing the remaining races of each Supercars season.

That would be airing a mix of Saturday night highlights & Sunday afternoon races live on 7mate and 7plus.

For race and sports fans wanting to watch on the go for free, you’re in luck, which is one area that improves as Network 10 doesn’t have these rights.

In my opinion, I’d like to see the remaining Sunday races live on Seven ONLY at noon in all states as an excellent foil towards the Sunday Afternoon AFL coverage if you live in Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, or Western Australia.

But having the remaining races on 7mate is alright; at least the Sunday races are LIVE and not on delay or highlights.

Plus, re-adding Supercars alongside the Bathurst 12 Hour & ARG Motorsport of Touring Cars, Trans-Am & Formula S5000 reflects a brilliant history of Seven’s coverage with cars since 1963.

Yes, Fox Sports will always have the exclusive say of things as injecting money into Supercars is crucial to stay afloat.

That way, Supercars can keep producing their in-house media arm for Fox & Seven and investing in other areas requiring attention.

But the need for a bit more free Supercars content makes both sides win this time around.

And you see Seven inheriting a low-rating product from Network 10 in the hope of turning it into something valuable.

The big-event races on Seven are still intact, plus the remaining Sunday races LIVE on 7mate & 7plus all for FREE is a great move.

Now we will have to wait if Seven will use their in-house commentary or likewise from Network 10, take a straight feed from Fox Sports of Neil Crompton and Mark Skaife in the booth.

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