Advwin Twin Tub Portable Washing Machine Review

by Sports Benches

It’s never been easier to do laundry after trying the “Advwin 2-in-1 Twin Tub” portable washing machine. You can wash clothes, bed sheets, quilt covers and towels. The machine is easy to carry, only 13 kg, and the washing tub can fill up to 30 liters of water. 

Plus, it comes with a few other features:

  • An assembly manual.
  • Two water inlets & a water pipe to rinse when filling-in water on both washing & spin tubs.
  • Three knob control functions: a wash timer (0-15 mins), switch mode (soft wash, standard wash & drain) & spin timer (0-5 mins).
  • A removable filter to prevent water leaks.
  • A drain pipe to dispose of the water away once you finish washing clothes by holding the drain pipe by yourself on a bucket or through a sink – with or without using the drain function. 

All you have to do is plug in the item, set the timer to wash your clothes with the option for a normal or soft wash, then place them on the spin dryer area for another few minutes before the process is all done. This amazing product is only $180 at Amazon and comes with a two-year warranty.

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