Woolworths Quick Cook Cut Potatoes Garlic and Rosemary Review

by Sports Benches

I thought I would give some ready-made potatoes from Woolworths to simply have it cooked onto the air fryer or an oven if you have one before it’s all good to eat. To get the best out of these frozen baked potatoes, make sure you cook in the air fryer at 195 degrees Celsius for a total of 20 minutes with flipping halfway through. Although it’s best that you don’t overfill them as this might not cook evenly once it’s done regardless of the cooking time & then you have to do it again a bit longer.

That way, it’s best to have some filled into the oven/baking tray unless you have a medium to large oven/air fryer appliance and these potatoes will look golden brown both ways so it tastes delicious. If you’re unable to upgrade your small oven/air fryer, don’t fret as putting them into small batches will still taste great as long as you follow the cooking process at the back.

With that being said, if you really need it for the lunch time or dinner rush on a typical busy day like this then this one is for you. Make sure you have these prepared though if you are going to be out and about way from home. I’d also pair it up with some nice meat as well as roasted vegetables and gravy too if that makes this one look so good in both ways (presentation & taste). This package also comes in Parmesan cheese and Herb and Garlic as these all cost $5 at your local Woolworths store.

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