Chan’s Yum Cha Vegetable Gyoza Dumplings Review

by Sports Benches

Earlier this week, I took the chance to try out these ready-made dumplings from Woolworths thanks to Chan’s Yum Cha with the vegetable flavour pack that is both meat free and plant based too. They have 12 pieces in it with some good range of vegetables (only 1-2 greens even though it says a delicious selection of Asian greens) like cabbage, chives, shiitake mushroom & carrot that is covered with a gyoza style of pastry including white pepper to add a bit of spice alongside some salt.

There’s three ways you can do with these dumplings – you can either steam it with boiling water, just throw them in boiling water or pan fry it by adding oil first and then cover it with water. All three options have the same cooking time of 7-8 minutes and wow!! these are oh so good once they come out before it’s all ready to eat. For me personally, it looks really great both ways when I pan fried these dumplings with a mix of healthy veggies on the inside and some crisp on the outside. Gotta say they tasted really good as said when you want to balance the texture and the ingredients of this product, which makes sense for Tasman Foods International to give Chen’s Yum Cha a go on the main supermarket shelves where we always stop by for our groceries everyday. I’d like to try making one though someday off my own with just a little tweaks to my pick of veggies!

The price by the way is $6.95 at Woolworths as you can also try out his other dumplings in Japanese Pork Gyoza as well as vegetable spring roll and he also has some pies too but in Asian-style with the vegetable curry puffs that is originated from Malaysia – all other three products are also same price too. See it for yourself when you can grab one out from the freezer shelves before get things ready (steam, boil or pan fry) that only takes a few minutes at home from Chan’s Yum Cha range.

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