Birds-Eye Plant-Based Chicken Strips & Chicken Style Tenders Review

by Sports Benches

You’ve got to try two amazing plant-based chicken ranges from Birds Eye, such as the plant-based chicken style tenders & chicken strips.

Not only they have a decent health star rating of 3.5 (tenders) – 4.5 (strips) out of five, but it has no artificial colours or flavours. Plus, they’re high in protein which is perfect for meat free Mondays during any day or night of the week, as well as those who rely on a vegan diet.

The plant-based chicken strips ain’t bad when I had the chance other day during dinner, which is great for pairing salads, noodles, pasta & rice alongside various vegetables & sauces. But for me, the plant-based chicken style tenders taste better when it comes to the delicious crumbs & the meat-free variety in it.

These meat-free tenders are even a better combination when making healthy sandwiches/burgers (here’s a picture alongside a few Mini Potato Cakes that I’ve covered last week here).

Make sure you cook them beforehand as per instructions regardless of your choice of cooking appliance, since these packages come in frozen. And you can select whichever Birds Eye plant-based chicken range you like that is available in stock right now for $6.50 at your local Coles supermarket here.

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