A little trick on how to make your pizza base crispier through both sides

by Sports Benches

Normally, you would usually put the toppings first on top of the pizza base that is covered with pizza sauce before putting onto the pre-heated oven/air fryer for 10 or so minutes. This is usually suitable for frozen ready-made pizzas off the supermarket shelves & re-heated pizzas for slightly less cooking time before eating.

However, I experimented putting a blank pizza base for the first seven yesterday afternoon, then flip the other side by putting the sauce & toppings on top of the base afterwards. Make sure you put it back onto your electrical appliance for another 3-4 minutes so the breading/crust can be nice & crispy once it’s ready to eat.

And when I got to taste it, it did pay off well on both sides. If I can improve one thing to make the pizza base even better, I would say cook them both sides by rotating the base without topping and sauce through five minute intervals. Then add your favourite sauce & toppings to put back onto the oven/air fryer for another 3-4 minutes & not only the crust looks delicious as always, but also the inside as well when cutting them into slices. As said, it would not hurt to try if you only have a homemade or frozen blank pizza base.

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