Easter Blog Update

by Sports Benches

Photo Credit: Pxfuel

Hello and hope you are having a great Easter long weekend,

I haven’t been posting some food content lately but will need to take some time off for a while here due to so many important things I need to address first, having no longer been in touch with my former blogging co-worker anymore due to being busy all the time with daily gigs whom we created this blog together a few months ago. Yes, we saw some growth at last over the last 2-3 months after some inconsistency in between Thanksgiving and Christmas from the start, but then we still have a long way to go in the hope of sharing content again here soon with a brand new approach.

So watch this space for The Deal With Zeal to hopefully return better than ever either towards the end of this month or the start of next month by restarting a consistent once a week posting schedule and bit more extras if possible.



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