Chicken Pie with dairy-free Gravy filling recipe to make at home

by Sports Benches

I had the chance to make a different kind of pie recipe today – this time we’re going with the salt kind of filling where I’ll mix up the chicken & the dairy-free gravy in there instead of apples.

To get started, you can use the ready-made frozen pastry from the supermarket shelves right away as your preferred choice of crust. Otherwise, the quick rundown to make your own home made crust is to have two cups of flour onto a bowl followed by 1/3 cups of avocado oil, some sprinkles of salt & sugar & a few tablespoons to pour in at a time with water or rice milk.

You can view the full avocado oil pastry recipe (dairy-free) via the link here. Yes, the pastry thickness I’ve made the other day was somewhat too thick but I’ve managed to improve to a thin thickness level (not too thin though) with this recipe, as I will look to try & update my last post from here over the next couple of weeks.

Mix it up for a while until it’s no longer dry, crumbly & a bit sticky before you air-tight the pastry dough into the refrigerator for at least an hour. While you’re waiting, you can get started with the chicken gravy filling. Add 1-2 tablespoons of the Massel dairy-free gravy mix first into a small bowl before adding some water in & stir it together until the granules are dissolved.

Plus, cut & slice up some chicken up into a bunch of small pieces. Then combine the gravy sauce & chicken together onto the saucepan by heating it up on a pan for a few minutes. Once the chicken gravy filling is ready, get the pastry out of the fridge after the one-hour resting process & roll it out into a thin sized thickness of your avocado oil crust by using a rolling pin.

After that, place the pastry onto the sausage roll maker first followed by the chicken gravy filling in there & seal the rolled out crust altogether before the cooking process begins for about 25 minutes by flipping one side at halfway.

And that is it once the cooking process is done while cooling down these chicken & dairy-free gravy pies for another few minutes – too easy & also delicious too that tastes like the usual meat pies out there!! See it for yourself when you can go make your own chicken & gravy pie that is dairy-free & healthy to eat at home!!

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