Egg-Free Chicken nuggets recipe to make at home

by Sports Benches

Following up from my McChicken recipe a few weeks ago – mainly with the patty of course, I’ve spent some time making the same type of chicken breading variety but this time it’s something to do with the egg-free chicken nuggets.

Here are the following ingredients:

  • Ground chicken mince
  • Some Salt
  • Some Oil
  • Some Garlic Powder
  • Some mustard sauce instead of the egg to make the chicken stick
  • And of course, panko bread crumbs

All you have to do is mix these following ingredients first apart from the panko bread crumbs in which will come in shortly. 

Once the chicken, mustard and the seasoning has been mixed, divide the minced chicken to a few decent sized pieces (small rectangle size would be good) & stick the chicken on the breadcrumbs by adding a few at a time until each of the nuggets are fully coated. 

After that, you can put these coated nuggets onto the air fryer for about 15 minutes at 185-190 degrees by flipping it through the halfway cooking stage.

 And once the cooking process is done, cool it off for another minutes before it’s all ready to eat – too easy!! See it for yourself when you can go try make your own egg-free or McDonald’s style egg free chicken nuggets or even egg and dairy free popcorn chicken at home. You can also pair it up with these homemade air fryer chips as a side too!!

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