End of July Update

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Hello again,

It’s been a while since I haven’t had another chance to post some new food/cooking content over the past few weeks lately, but just popping here to drop an update as we’re almost set to close down July ahead of just one more winter month left going into August 2023. So times flies fast when the first half year was done before transitioning into the 2nd half of the year that began earlier on July 1 this month.

Another thing I wasn’t able to update often here was looking after my skin allergies/eczema as I normally avoid these foods that contain dairy, eggs & seafood. But then I didn’t realise that I consumed some cinnamon as part of the apple pie filling that goes with my pastry making practice, which made me feel red & itchy on my face & upper body where I had to take some time to get it out of my system (I can feel the smell that goes out every time my body heals) through some cream and herbal drinking treatments.

I thought cinnamon wasn’t bad to eat when it comes to the smell and flavour, but it does have some sugary chilli spice to it. Although it’s not bad for the elderlys to help relive some blood pressure but it’s not for everyone including myself as I’ve learned this important lesson so I can avoid suffering these health issues by not having cinnamon again next time.

It’s been a tough two months through most of winter for me to experience this but I’m feeling fine now as it won’t be long for another week before I’m completely free from these cinnamon effects from my body and also hope I can update some new food content here going into next month. If not, I’ll try to make another monthly update here on the blog towards the end of August only from myself.



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