End of August Update

by Sports Benches

It’s almost the end of the month now and almost the end of winter as well going into Spring, which starts tomorrow in the new month of September. Although there may still be a bit of cold nights for a while, but glad that will be gone as soon as we hit daylight savings going into October. I have been better lately from my cinnamon allergy infection that I eaten via my apple pie fillings a 2-3 months ago where it has taken time with day after day, week & week to get these off my system. I have vowed not to have cinnamon anymore after that rare daunting experience when I will get to make my own apple pies next time. 

The other thing I did make though after a while is making my own chips again where I grabbed one piece of a whole potato off the bag & cut that into thin slices as well as trying out a mix of chicken kebab sticks & a nice healthy chicken sandwich with a few veggies + a sizzle of tomato sauce in it. Yes, I have to wait like 10 mins or so to cool these chips and chicken down off the air fryer. But it’s still a good meal to eat after all during lunch earlier this arvo.

Next up, I’m looking forward to experiment some vanilla or strawberry icing over the next few days to weeks when it comes to creating my dairy-free vanilla cake. You can have a look at my recipe that I’ve made months ago off Woolworths here. For now, hope is all well as I’m looking forward to come back here every now and there’s to show a mix about a bit of myself, food, fitness and many more.

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