Vege Vegan Prawn Crackers Sea Salt 75g Snack Review

by Sports Benches

Yesterday, I found out something interesting at my local Coles store where I fortunate to buy the last packet of the brand new Vegan Prawn Crackers Sea Salt flavour from Vege Chips. Unlike the prawn chips out there that has a bit of prawn meat & Crustacea, they are indeed dairy-free and egg free and it was so good to eat once I opened the packaging myself during my midday snack treat at home. I couldn’t believe they have these having last tasted prawn chips a long time ago but now I can enjoy tasting them again in a different way that suits one’s dietary requirements/limitations thanks to Vege Chips.

Although I’m aware that Vege also released their new fusions Asian crisps range (one in Corn & the other in Vege), but don’t think this is for me since it has onion and some chillies & spices on it. I can’t wait to buy them again next time whenever possible including the BBQ pack which also suits me well likewise with their usual chips range every now & then. Make sure you try it for yourself if you’re able to find one at your local Coles supermarket store at a special price right now of $3.15.

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