Update from the editor: February 2024

by Sports Benches

Hope is all well after we started 2024 with a huge summer of sport followed by a string of game and reality tv shows coming in now such as the Australian version of Tipping Point and a revival of Deal or No Deal in a three-way battle alongside The Chase Australia to start the ratings year here. Now the scripted TV shows will at last make a long-awaited return on the air soon for a shortened 12-13 episode season following a long half-year during most of 2024 with the writers and actors’ strikes, which is relief for viewers to tune in every week that will go on through at least the end of Spring over in the US. It will be hard to say goodbye to Station 19 and The Good Doctor whose respective seasons will get their own send-off rather than being axed before we turn our attention to the next wave of pilots that would potentially be worth a series shot later this year other than High Potential being adopted from France.

Now back from my end here, I will change a bit of food content to once every weekend rather than twice a fortnight up until the start of the Australian Open Tennis a few weeks ago with a bit more than just a food post sometimes if possible as well as chucking a balance of lifestyle between fitness, tech and travel every now and then. With sports, I will still look at Rugby – which is a sport I will always love – at least once a week with Super Rugby coming back soon and the home Wallabies matches later this year despite going from bad to worse; but hoping things will eventually return to its former glory sooner rather than later. Other than Rugby, I will look at a new sport in Field Hockey, maybe a bit more Soccer and whichever other sports that may be interesting – you never know.

And there’s always a bit of NASCAR to look forward to, especially with Shane Van Gisbergen competing full-time now in the Xfinity Series; Plus, it’s a huge Olympic year including swimming as well ahead of the next Summer games in late July-early August in Paris, France. All in all, hope is all well on what is going to be a huge 2024.

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