D’orsogna Deli Fresh Roast Chicken Free Range 100g $3 Woolworths special Review

by Sports Benches

Well, last week’s special review with the Don Is Good sliced ham, turkey and salami range when it was like $3.20 at the time has now gone back up to $6. So hope you enjoyed it while it lasted which tasted so good and can use it a bit longer for any topping you like want at anytime, especially when life is so busy to go through each passing day. If you missed out on this, don’t fret as got another sliced ham pack you can take advantage of right now at just $3 for the next few days as selected by Woolworths thanks to D’Orsgona, whose HQ for producing meat is over in the heart of Western Australia since 1949.

Now the number of slices in there might be halved compared to Don’s packaged sliced hams but they still taste well the same & you can even close and re-open the pack by itself for later or the next day too unlike most other sliced ham products. As said, there’s a few you can choose from for your perfect lunchtime meal such as Mild Salami, Double Smoked Ham, Free Range Chicken, Champagne Leg Ham, Lightly Smoked Leg Ham, Spicy Chorizo Salami, Sweet Honey Leg Ham & Lightly Smoked Turkey. There’s also a few recipes that can inspire you too that featured a few of their products whether if it’s pasta, sandwiches/wraps, salads or party snacks on the Woolworths website, so make sure you get one now at your local store.

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