McDonald’s Limited Edition Adult Happy Meal aka Kerwin Frost Box Review

by Sports Benches

Yesterday, I had the chance to have my hands on the McDonald’s Adult Happy Meal aka the Kerwin Frost Box who is an Entertainer as we know it. Unlike the regular Happy Meal for kids, you can only either have the medium or large size options for about $14-15 compared to like $6 with the usual kids meal. The good news though that you can have the Big Mac or a few pieces of McChicken Nuggets as well as French Fries and also the drink & sauce of your choice as the one I got here is a cup of Sparkling Iced Water & tomato ketchup. I wished I would go with the Big Mac then I don’t eat beef including dairy cheese as can only eat meats like chicken, ham, turkey & pork. But unfortunately there’s still no McChicken wrap, grape tomatoes, apple slices or even Yoghurt which would’ve been complimentary friendly to the adult one. The ones I also liked about the Adult Happy Meal is you will always take home a free mini toy like the kids one. Although I would have liked to choose the Brick mascot toy if I had the chance, but happy to take home the Kerwin Frost toy instead.  All in all it tastes great as always having seen the Adult Happy Meal finally made it way here this week, having first released it in the US two years ago. If you want to have a try & think it’s worth the $15 to relive these memories, then go for it as otherwise it will only last for short time while you can before it will be all gone. So go have your own Adult Happy Meal moment today at a McDonald’s near you.

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