Muscle Nation Custard Plant Protein Bar Choc Berry 50g Review

by Sports Benches

I’ve just thought it would be a great time to try out a plant-based or dairy-free version of the Cherry Ripe chocolate bar & fortunately, that wish has been realised today thanks to Muscle Nation after I bought one today at my local Coles store.

I might be a bit irked when the coconut flakes may have fallen everywhere but I understand that’s part of the presentation of the final piece. However, I do love how they made the a mix of the gooey cherry jam and the custard filling all on the inside together that makes this dairy-free/plant-based “cherry ripe” chocolate bar so great. I would have it most days of the week during my morning snack, even though it may be a bit pricey compared to the usual cherry ripe chocolate bar. 

Plus, it’s a protein bar even though it’s dairy-free and plant based, which is good for people like me and for those who are on a diet or need to use it to support their training/exercise program. So for kids, you can’t eat it until you’re 15 since it’s not your typical regular snack & for women who are currently pregnant, please consult your physician/doctor before trying this out. But again, I’ll see if there’s any way I can make a dairy free cherry ripe bar that is good to eat at home as a regular snack next time. For now, it’s on special only for a limited time at $3.60 & you can buy it at your local Coles store.

And finally, thanks to Muscle Nation for showcasing a dairy-free/plant-based/vegan “cherry ripe” chocolate. I do wish though that you can make a dairy-free/plant-based/vegan birthday cake bar too.

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