Celebrate Health Keto Vegan Mayo sauce review 

by Sports Benches

If you want to taste mayo that is vegan, dairy free & even onion free, then you’re going to love this creamy sauce thanks to Celebrate Health.

They are a great match for burgers/sandwiches/wraps as well as chips and salads, especially when this kind of vegan mayo is mixed up with lemon which makes it an ideal healthy topping for your perfect side dish. And Here’s a picture below of my homemade air-fryer chips during lunch today on top of some dairy-free mayo. 

Make sure you shake it well before use so you don’t spill out some beautiful mayo sauce. Plus, always store in the refrigerator once it’s opened & eventually finish consuming this product before the expiry date as labeled on the packaging.

I hope you loved it as much as I do & although they’re a bit more expensive, but it’s well worth your health during your morning, lunch or afternoon snack. You can go buy them for $6.30 at Woolworths, $5 at Coles & also various health shops online (be mindful that these shops cover some extra delivery costs as well).

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