Quick & Easy tomato pasta you can make at home

by Sports Benches

Here’s some tomato pasta that I’ve made for lunch over the last few days with the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 Small to medium tomatoes
  • Some tomato paste
  • Some water to mix the tomato paste
  • A few slices of chicken
  • Some garlic
  • Pasta of any kind to boil
  • Some pinch of salt to taste

All you have to do is boil the pasta first for about 10 minutes, as long as they’re soft, before you dry them out & place them into a bowl using a strainer skimmer.

Then throw some garlic & chicken onto the pan with a couple of drops of oil, followed by some tomatoes & tomato paste, although it’s best to add some water (not too much) to mix up the tomato paste if you don’t have pasta sauce.

After that, put the lid on to cover the pan for 1-2 mins & once you can see some stream & bubbles, it means that it’s ready to eat – so quick and easy! 

Make sure you mix up the tomato saucing & pasta beforehand alongside some pinches of salt & you have such a delicious healthy lunch right there.

It doesn’t take a lot of time & money in order to cook your own pasta recipe – see it for yourself when you can shop at your local grocery store before cooking them for your next lunch meal.

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