Pinetarsol Bar Soap 100g Review for eczema skin relief

by Sports Benches

So today here I am testing out the Pinetarsol Bar Soap which is a great alternative to a body wash for those who have eczema and/or dry skin. The results is not only not bad but also great on price as well which costs a little over $11-12 at your local pharmacy or even online via Amazon. As always take some time to rub that kind of lotion all over the affected areas of your body/skin, then wait for a few mins (do it while the tap is off) and wash it all off with water after that before finishing your shift in the bathroom – it’s that simple!! You can also use them to relive your dandruff on your scalp too as long as you keep your eyes closed! And make sure you use these hydrocortisone/steroid creams for overnight recovery, so you can feel better the next day once you pat your skin dry using a towel. Go try this out as a great alternative to a body wash, especially when you’re travelling anywhere unless you want to fill it in with multiple 100ml toiletries & make sure you take great care of yourself!!

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